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Shield Clips



Shield Clips | 10 September, 2001

Hello All!

I've been asked to change a current design using a shield. Currently we build it by using silver epoxy adhesive to make electrical connection. Just wondering if anyone out there has a experience with using surface mount clips that hold down the shields. My past dealings with them were that they were difficult to push on the shield, due to the fact that alignment of the individual clips is not always a straight line. I'm thinking of turning the shield into a "thru-hole part" and waving, but thought I'd ask the audience first.

Thanks in advance!

(I know this should be in the design forum, but not too many people visit it!)

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Dave G


Shield Clips | 10 September, 2001

I've mounted the $%&R$#$&%$(&! pain in the neck shield clips in the past. (Excuse the simulated profanity- I couldn't help myself.) What we went to was a frame & shield combination. (The frames are cast & then plated w/tin. We have used both plastic & metal frames.)You can mount the frame to the pcb w/std solder and then snap the lid on it afterwards. We have some shields that we have the vendor put the lid on for us and we mount & reflow the whole thing. We only remove the lid if something underneath fails final test. (These are a bit hard to get a good reflow profile for.) The frame design can be a bit tricky when you get into larger sizes. (Warpage become a real problem in anything over 3in sq.) We build relatively small RF boards that are entirely covered by cans. So this may not help you in your application.


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Shield Clips | 11 September, 2001

In line with the previous poster's comments, * BIG SMT EMI shields are tough to reflow. * SMT EMI frame and snap-in cover [after reflow] shields work fine.

The SMT EMI shield design that we like the best is from Instrument Specialties, EZ Peel PCB shield []

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