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Large Board Assembly

Daniel Woon


Large Board Assembly | 24 September, 2001

Has anyone used or had any experience with Fuji & Quad for large board assembly? What is the maximum board size that a Fuji & Quad can support? Many thanks in advance.

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Large Board Assembly | 24 September, 2001

I've used Fuji for fairly large boards. The largest pcb size is 20" by 18" for pick and place; 18"x14" for chip shooters. I've never used Quad. N

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Ed Ruppert


Large Board Assembly | 27 September, 2001

Hello Daniel,

You may want to take a look at MYDATA for your large board requirements. MYDATA has board sizes ranging from our smallest of 15"x 20" up to 32"x 44" with other sizes in between. You can find more info at our website: We have quite a few installations for backplane and burn-in board applications.


Ed Ruppert Northwestern Regional Sales

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Doug Sanders


Large Board Assembly | 1 October, 2001


Fuji has the NP XL series that will allow 27 by 23 inche boards using a conveyor.

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Daniel Woon


Large Board Assembly | 3 October, 2001

Hi Doug,

How about the active placement area? Will the placement area be limited below 27" x 23"?

Thanks for your clarification.

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Large Board Assembly | 9 October, 2001

Good morning. Tyco who now carries the Quad line of products offers the QSV-1 an inline machine that can do a 18" wide by 20" long PCB. With modifications the machine can do up to a 30" x 48" PCB with upward looking inspection without upward inspection it will do a 35" x 48" PCB. Please note that the upward inspection is only used for parts larger than 1.2" square and below .020" pitch. The modified machine was shown at Apex in 2000 under the name QSV-W. The modified machine is a batch machine not inline. If you would like further information please contact me at


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Large Board Assembly | 10 October, 2001

May I join in this forum also?

Does Universal has any new/special platform avaiable in the market to handle board size up to 20" x 32" and thickness 0.300".

The current HSP 4796A and GSM1/2 can only handle board size up to 14" x 18" and 18" x 20" respectively. Can any modification be done on these machines so to accommodate 20" x 32" board size?


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Brian C


Large Board Assembly | 10 October, 2001

Universal now has Big-Board options and retrofits for GSM's. 32" kits and 25" kits. If you call them, they will come.


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Large Board Assembly | 9 November, 2001

As mentioned in other replies, the Universal GSM has expanded capabilities....As for the UIC HSP's....the 4796L can handle an 18" x 20" panel as standard, and has options to go up to 18" x 24.5".

Did I mention that the 4796L places at a 0.10 tact time also? That's derate for the large PCB capability!

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