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Boot Camp


Boot Camp | 6 October, 2001

I'm trying to determine where and when any SMT Boot Camps will be held in the next few months.

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Boot Camp | 7 October, 2001

Consider searching the fine SMTnet Archives for the names of companies that offer such training courses and giving them a call to determine their schedules.

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Boot Camp | 7 October, 2001

Try they have a schedule list on the website but may not be the most up to date. You could also call the registration person at 610-362-1295. EMPF will also create a custom bootcamp depending on how many are attending. SMT manufacturing is also a good choice.

***NOTE one key point about "Boot Camp". There are many types offered....Look for one with hands on the equipment these type are extremely help/useful.

Best Regards,

Cal Manncorp

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