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reversing Heller conveyor travel


reversing Heller conveyor travel | 8 October, 2001

Can't get on to the Heller email or website and I require an urgent answer. Has any one had any experience in reversing the conveyor direction and thus all the zone set ups etc in a Heller 1500w or similar. What did it cost and were you happy with the results. The auction is on tomorrow. I hate to see any one go bust but - there you go. If any one from Heller is out there I'd like to hear from you - I've left a message on your factory phone message service but I guess you are all in beddy-byes. I guess that's where I'll be when you all get to work. Have a good day. Darby

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reversing Heller conveyor travel | 8 October, 2001

Heller Industries, 4 Vreeland Rd, Florham Park, NJ 07932 973.377.6800fax3862 Dave Jenkins [sales] Marc Peo [VP Sales]

Marc is a SMTnet contributor

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reversing Heller conveyor travel | 8 October, 2001

I think the problem is going to be the cooling zone location. All of the heat zones are built the same, but the cooling zone can not be moved easily.

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Marc Peo


reversing Heller conveyor travel | 9 October, 2001

Hello Darby!

Mike is correct in saying that reversing the conveyor can be done but the position of the cooling zone would be troublesome.

I am guessing that you are looking at a left to right machine that you would like to run right to left or vice versa. If this is the case, the easiest approach is to simply turn the machine around. (So the front faces the back) When you do this, the fixed rail will also move to the back. However, the rails are all interchangeable so the fixed rail can easily be moved to the front. (It will take about an hour)

The above might not be the best solution from an aesthetic point of view. We can move all of the zones around so the cooling zone moves to the opposite side of the oven. This will take about 1-2 days of labor and can be done in the field.

Please feel free to give me a call at 973-377-6800 EXT 113 and we can sort out the details. Or e-mail me at your convenience.

Looking forward to talking with you!


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reversing Heller conveyor travel | 9 October, 2001

Thank you all for your input. We didn't get the oven and if we did I decided in the short term to just turn it around and run it as a belt mesh oven - the next line we buy runs it's conveyor to suit the oven. Hi to you Marc, it's been a few years. You may remember me from P.C. Assemblies at Dee Why in Sydney. Good to see you are still with Heller. You probably know I have three 1500s now and like these machines. I suppose we will just have to buy a new one when the time arises - That'll make Greg P. happy! Thanks for your prompt reply. Regards, Darby.

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