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Teflon PCBs


Teflon PCBs | 8 October, 2001

Hi All.

Need some immidiate help. I need to know any / all basic info regarding Teflon PCBs. Any special requirements for assembly on SMT and thru-hole lines, like profiles, placemnt , wave etc. Will there be some basic / big differences in comparision to FR4 ?


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Kevin Facinelli


Teflon PCBs | 8 October, 2001

What material are you using? There are a great deal of different Teflons (in the family of Teflons) it from Gore or Rodgers???? Does it have aluminum backing??

More information necessary,


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Teflon PCBs | 16 October, 2001

Depending on the type of teflon material, thickness, and reflow profile requirements, these will have a direct bearing on your maximum process allowable PCB pallet size.

You'll want to be careful on how big the PCB or pallet is. Larger teflon PCBs processed in a reflow oven on rails will tend to flex in a standard Sn63 profile unless properly supported or fixturized.

More specific info is needed about your machines and PCB attributes in order to provide appropriate responses.

~ Glenn Eubinag

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