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SMT info



SMT info | 10 October, 2001

I'm new in SMT, can anyone can tell me where can I get information on SMT process. Eg :- process flow, reflow profile ( what to look for ). I'm interested on SMT process. Can someone help........Thanks.

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SMT info | 10 October, 2001

Welcome to one of the coolest jobs in the world!!!!

Search the fine SMTnet Archives on things like: * Books * Training * Boot camp * Trade shows [ie, APEX, SEMI, NEPCON] * Trade journals, then sign-up for subscriptions to all of them * SMTA, EMPF, IPC

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Ken Bliss


SMT info | 13 October, 2001

Another place to get a lot of info on the handling process of SMT is at and click on Bliss University. We have created this section of our site for people to learn new ideas and methods of the handling process of a cart based manufacturing system. There are lots of cart companies out there including, metro, carri all, mossman tubbs to mention a few competitors, but bliss Universty offers free info that is in depth. I hope you enjoy your new career it is an exciting place to be. Also APEX is the biggest and best show in America for SMT and thru hole.

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SMT info | 16 October, 2001

Don't overlook tools and equipment suppliers and their sales staff. I plan on having an ESD audit done by one of our tool suppliers. I know they will come in and say here are your problems and here are products we sell that will fix them. On the other hand it is free and there is no obligation. Also I expect they will provide technical experience., if not then I have other sources to buy from. Needless to say some sales people are better than others, and free advice is only sometimes worth more than you pay for it.

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SMT info | 16 October, 2001

Hello Chua,

Welcome to the world of SMT. You found this site, so you're already on track to learning about SMT. You can check out SMTnet's library as well as SMTA's (Surface Mount Technology Association) located at Check that site for any local fellow SMTA'ers near you.

You can also find some helpful information in several SMT trade publications. Here are a couple:

SMT Magazine (check out their Step-by-Step area)

Circuits Assembly

Hope this helps!

Best Regards, Glenn

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Hu Jinrong


SMT info | 8 June, 2002

Hi! Chua: If you intersting for smt process, you can contrect with my E-mail: ,or visite Best your Regards Jinrong Hu

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