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Re: Coplanarity on fine pitch QFP


Coplanarity on fine pitch QFP | 25 September, 2000

What do you all do to fix coplanarity on fine pitch QFPs? I know that the best thing would be to send them back to the vender, but what about the when you gotta use them? Straightening by hand seems to be so time comsuming. Any better ways?


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Re: Coplanarity on fine pitch QFP | 25 September, 2000

LarryK, You might want to talk with:

Fancort Industries, Booth #2630 31 Fairfield Place West Caldwell, NJ 07006 973-575-0610

MLCS-1 Manual Lead Conditioning System. It is a bench top, hand operated machine to correct deformed leads on a wide variety of fine pitch Lead pitch, skew, standoff, and coplanarity, can be corrected on packages up to 32mm x 32mm.

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Chris May


Re: Coplanarity on fine pitch QFP | 26 September, 2000


It all depends upon your volume / problem. As Jax says, if this is a repeating problemo, get QA & Purchasing involved. Is it your stores ? Do they receive 100 off and "decant" 20 into a tube (manual handling error, training etc;).

From your text, I am assuming that you operate a " Just too Late" system, sorry "Just In Time" type of system, where you can't afford to send back duff gear.....bummer for you but great for suppliers.

If you are talking small / medium volume with this coplanarity, then contact a disty of EREM tools. I am involved in small / medium batches and I use one of there hand tools. This is basically a Swiss made pair of wide (42mm), flat pliers that we use to formalise all leads.

Every QFF / PLCC etc is checked using a piece of flat stainless for coplanarity. Obviously if you make 2000 mobile phones a day you could spot this at Goods-In and your buying power will give your guys enough clout to argue the toss with your supplier.

It depends upon your market/application, but if you can' afford to send back said items, your batch size will dictate whether you automate or manually reform.

Have a nice day,

Chris May.

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Re: Coplanarity on fine pitch QFP | 2 October, 2000

I have seen people take old stencils and cut out land patterns, place the component over the land pattern and use a orange stick to move the leads back into place.

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