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Need info on Vitronics SMD-310


Need info on Vitronics SMD-310 | 22 October, 2001

Does anyone out there have a copy of the software, schematics or prints for a Vitronics SMD-310 reflow machine?

We have one that was given to my current company recently, just before I started here a few months ago. It appears to be in excellent condition, but when it was uncrated I could not find any documentation or software. Vitronics has told me they no longer have any copies of the software, schematics, or prints, and only limited spare parts that may fit. I realize this machine is obsolete, but since it appears almost unused I'd like to set it up.

I did a search of the Forum archives, the only post that mentioned one was about curing adhesive. If anyone remembers using one, could you tell me how well it worked. Does it need much in the way of spare parts? I need some info to justify not even setting it up.

Thanks, Mike

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Need info on Vitronics SMD-310 | 22 October, 2001

As an alternative, consider: * Searching the fine SMTnet Archives for the names of used equipments brokers, resellers, refurbishers, etc. * Contacting those folk on your Vitronics machine [or its siblings] * Contracting with them to make you a copy of the manual you need.

See, they have libraries of original manuals, so that if the equipment they market doesn't come with a manual, they can produce one for their customer. Lots of times, they just keep the original manual for their files and deliver a copy with the equipment.

Much of the replaceable parts of this machine are commercial parts, available from McMaster and Granger. If the manual doesn't have a listing of the vendor part numbers, Vitronics can probably give it to you.

Oh. Here's another idea. Lots of times equipment manufacturer techs leave the company and set-up private training and support companies. Find one of those guys for your machine. Start looking within a 1 hour commute from the factory.

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Need info on Vitronics SMD-310 | 23 October, 2001

Dave, Thanks for the suggestion on the used equipment brokers. I had done a search of the Marketplace for this machine, but should have thought to contact one of the brokers.

Vitronics can sell me a manal, but has noted the manual does not have any drawings or parts lists in it. They cannot supply the software. Their e-mail also stated the software runs on DOS 3.3 or lower, if true I'm probably "dead in the water." I'm hoping someone that has used one of these can tell me if that is true. Since we're located near the Gulf of Mexico, I might have a good looking boat anchor.

It can't be run manually, the only control is an On/Off switch. It has a cable out the back with a DB25 connector on the end to connect to a computer. If I can find the Vitronics software I'm pretty sure I can get the other stuff I'll need to set it up and see how it runs.

Thanks, Mike F.

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Need info on Vitronics SMD-310 | 23 October, 2001

I sent you an attachment to your SMTnet email account. It contains all the files for an SMD-318 oven, don't know if it will work for you but I thought you might like to give it a try.


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Need info on Vitronics SMD-310 | 23 October, 2001

Geez, life is GREAT isn't it? Veeeree coo!!!

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