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DEK PumpPrint Stencils



DEK PumpPrint Stencils | 23 October, 2001

Has anyone has experience using DEK's PumpPrint plastic stencils? We're starting to think about adhesive printing on THT populated boards. These stencils are thick and have undersides routed-out for clinched leads. But, they're plastic, and I'm worried about returning to old technology here (plastic & mesh screens, rubber blades, etc.). Are there any competitors in the routed-stencil field? Any thoughts?

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DEK PumpPrint Stencils | 26 October, 2001

I have located an alternative supplier who manufacturers at half the cost of a DEK pump print and has a UK standard 3 day delivery service!!!!

Contact Graham Hall or Fraser Shaw


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DEK PumpPrint Stencils | 30 October, 2001

Doug, Thank you for your interest in DEK's PumpPrint technology. The stencils are a plastic type with a standard thickness of 3mm. This thickness, as you mentioned is to allow us to route out for clinched leads. Also for note is that we manufacture the stencils here in the U.S. at our office in NJ with a standard turn of 3 to 5 days. If you require any further information, please feel free to contact myself.

Regards, Jerry Hingtgen Applications Engineer 908-782-4140 x247

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