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FR-2 against CEM-1

Mikel Rodriguez


FR-2 against CEM-1 | 25 September, 2000

Hello, We are using FR-2 in boards 15x10cm size, with SMD and thru hole components (about 100 SMD and 50 thru hole). We have some "rare" problems (flex cracks or caps, diodes, and so on). Would we improve something by using CEM-1 instead of FR-2?? Mounting manufacturer says he has more problems with FR-2 than with CEM-1 (soldering, etc.)


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Re: FR-2 against CEM-1 | 26 September, 2000

I assume your "mounting manufacturer" (whatever that is) would reduce your cost. That would be cool, eh?

There are some electrical, moisture absorbtion, flammability classification, and operating temperature considerations that your mounting manufacturer should make you aware of, so that you can assess the impact on your product.

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