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Humidity control

Paul Burt


Humidity control | 7 November, 2001

Hello all, I have been tasked with bringing my company up to spec with J-STD-033, yes lucky me! My question is this: While I was searching the Web for suitable suppliers of dry cabinets I came across a company advertising a humidity control system for SMT placement machines but forgot to add to my favorites, anybody else come across them?

Manyy thanks in advance


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Humidity control | 7 November, 2001


You might check out the "McDry" line of humidity control devices. They are marketed through SEIKA Machinery, Inc.

Give Hiro a call @ (310) 540-7310 Ext. 125 He has been a real good resorce for SMT solutions.


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Dason C


Humidity control | 12 November, 2001

We have under evaluation one of the dry cabinet and it can drop down the humidity to 10% within 20 minutes from room. You can check this web site,


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Humidity control | 14 November, 2001

Paul, We currently use cabi dry boxes. They could maintaint 10% and below that meet our spec for storage. For the business condition right now, we're looking for low cost solution and we found them. You can check their site at

Regard, PE

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