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To remove a AMP Mictor Connector


To remove a AMP Mictor Connector | 13 November, 2001

Hello All,

I just got a project of removing 1800 Mictor connectors. Does anyone have experiences on removing AMP Mictor connectors? A Mictor connector has both SMT pins and PTH pins.

Thanks for any suggestions. Have a nice day!


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To remove a AMP Mictor Connector | 13 November, 2001

1800??? That's not a Mictor part number. Huh? What???

Haaaa!!!! You gotta do what???? 1800 ofem??? Haaaa!!!! Sorry.

It�s simple. Just ... * Cut all the SMT gull wing leads on both sides of the connector just above the solder. * Put the connector on a solder pot or fountain. * Pull the connector from the PTH. * Remove the gull wing drum sticks and dress the pad. * Done. ;-)

You�re not smiling. It�s not that simple???? Watt??? You need to save the BIG $$$ connectors???? Ummm.

I�m not excited about using a solder fountain to do this. Too scary.

Try this: * Buy two Leister [800.700.6894 ] hot air soldering tools, each with a nozzle for your Mictor connector. * Cut a hole in a bench and mount the first Leister underneath with the nozzle at the level of the bench. * Place the board with the connector PTH down on the Leister. * Use the second Leister to the top to melt the primary side solder on the connector. * Pull the connector. * Live well. Live long.

[This sounds like one of those where the sales type says "I shot it. Now, you skin it." Actually, they never shoot things like this. It's road kill.]

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To remove an AMP Mictor Connector | 14 November, 2001

Hi DaveF,

Thanks for your suggestions. You are good man! Couple of years ago, I asked a question in this Forum, you are the first one gave me help. I also read many topics almost all of them have your comments and suggestions. I think in all those years you must have helped thousands poeple in Electronics Industry like me. Your contribution to this society is invaluable!

Your second suggestion is to use Leister on top and bottom of PCB. The basic function of a Leister is to provide up to 900 degree C hot air. On their web, majority Leisters are used for Plastic Welding, Roofing, Civil engineering, etc. They did not mention an application for electronics industry. Which one do you talk about? What is the differences between Leister and Hakko hot air tools?

Thanks again.


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To remove an AMP Mictor Connector | 14 November, 2001

Air-Vac Engineering has nozzles for Mictor Connectors that work with their rework systems. They make removal and replacement of the connectors a snap.

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To remove an AMP Mictor Connector | 14 November, 2001

Tks. So was the answer that you got close? [ala "Car Talk"] Some guy from Cal-fornie sends me spill. I get cigars from � Yeh, I know I hog the responses, but I learn by doing this. If I can communicate in print, I can better communicate in words.

You�re correct about the Leister website. Go back there. Select �contents� [top-center/left, in sky blue]. Look down at the bottom of that page for �SMT Rework Tools�. That�ll give you a sketch of the product you want. Why not give one of their applications types a call? Wuddya loose?

Back on SMTnet, look for a similar thread [to yours], 2-3 years ago [search on Leister] with Earl Moon. He was trying to remove connectors from a thick board, as I recall. Back then, we pulled a trick similar to the one we�re talking about. [And you aren�t going to have to go to Wal-Mart.] It worked GREAT.

Hakko makes very good products. But their [and similar products from Pace, OK, APE, etc.] are kinda limp wristed for jobs like this. Products from all of these companies work GREAT for melting solder on SMT devices and the like. And that is exactly what they�re designed to do, not goofy stuff like this.

On the other hand, if you have a couple Hakkos. Give it a shot. Who knows? You may find that you can pull this trick with those products.

It�s nice to know that AirVac makes nozzles for this connector.

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Garry Barrows


To remove a AMP Mictor Connector | 5 December, 2001

I have an approved process. Call me at 214-576-8143 or email at or Garry Barrows

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To remove a AMP Mictor Connector | 11 December, 2001

Hi there, I am a bit late in answering the question about removing (and probably replacing) those d&%&$Z3 Mictors. Are they straddle mount or vertical? How many segments? What's the configuration of the board (PCB thickness, adjacent components, particular spec's, etc)? I used to fully support Mictor rework process and the only machine that's reworking them succesfully (no bad feelings, I've seen several hot air rework machines "claiming" to rework mictors, only one worked for real, with customized nozzles etc.) So, "dial" my email address, if you still need a hand. I have a short article about the topic on my web site as well...

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