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Student Needs Help With Choosing Degree



Student Needs Help With Choosing Degree | 22 November, 2001

i'm curently studying HND Yr II and i would like people to give there oppinion on which degree option is best?? BSc Electronics & Communications OR BEng Electronics

all comments welcome and appreciated.

Thanx in advance

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Student Needs Help With Choosing Degree | 26 November, 2001

Watza HND? Izzat anutha those wacky Brit degrees? Why don't yins call 'em BS, like in the US?

Tough call. Better for what? What is the difference between these degrees?

Chicks always seem to dig guys in the band. Maybe music would work.

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Michael Parker


Student Needs Help With Choosing Degree | 27 November, 2001

Rather than let an educational pursuit decide what you do in the real world, why don't you consider what it is you really want to do after college.

A BS in Electronics/Communications is more general, having Information Technologies (both hardware and software) balanced with the electronics.

A BS Electronics Engineer will be more hardware oriented, with emphasis on design. Some software knowledge is required.

Personally I hated writing code but could get lost for hours in circuit design without loss of interest.

Evaluate yourself, find what you really like rather than what you would tolerate, then talk to your school counselor to find which course best matches your needs.

By the way, either degree, when completed would make you employable. It boils down to preference and comfort.

Maybe the band wouldn't be so bad after all. I gave up music when I started college (priorities), now nearly 25 years later I'm playing trumpet again and having a great time. Wish I hadn't stopped.

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Student Needs Help With Choosing Degree | 27 November, 2001

Personally, I'd go with the Electronics... the engineering degree may open more doors for you if you decide to pursue a different avenue. (ie. mechanical, robotics, etc.)

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Student Needs Help With Choosing Degree | 28 November, 2001


i'd second that choice of enineering degree in electronics as monkey says, coz of variable options open to you IF you decide to rotate in your field of applicable enggr interests...

IT courses are abundant in today's "open Uni" learning "economy", look how many MBA & IT courses are in the papers these days, all from institutes of higher learning... plus IT foreign labour from places like india are not only damm smart, they also under cut the salary market for the rest of us local guys, stay in IT field and ur're about to someday wake up finding your job has been displaced for a guy drawing 50% of ur salary, else you can appeal to ur management asking to be retained and get the benefit of a 50% paycut...

I'd personally suggest not to emphasis too early on "formal" IT training (coz you can do it later or part time basis) maximize the Uni fees you pay otta ur pocket, and focus on the hardcore electronics theory, design and applications teachings, coz u only get to learn it ONE time in a classroom... admit it all you guys, who wants to do further or part-time learning in all that "mumbo-jumbo drag" AGAIN?!?

An' like the Parker-man said, it all boils down to what you want in life, what you want to do in ur balance 40+ years contributing to the local economy... juz consider your market value for the next 10 years ahead, then again in todays age of technology, tech. moves so fast, each cycle of technology only lasts a cuppa months/years...even this o'bird is having headaches planning for my future...

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