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Quad Meridian

Ron H


Quad Meridian | 22 September, 2000

We are considering purchasing Quad's Meridian placement system. Can any users share their pros and cons about the system? Any information would be much appreciated.

Please, users only, no sales types.

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Re: Quad Meridian | 30 September, 2000

We reseantly considered purchasing the Meridian Series machine but we changed our mind. The reason for that was that Quad does not have to many installations of the Equipment, also the fact that hardly any of their field techs. have much training on the equipment. If you already have Quad equipment, try talking to the Field techs. to see what you can dig up. I was not happy with what I heard.

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Re: Quad Meridian | 30 September, 2000

I have to agree with Geo. I've a number of years exp. with Quad Machines and currently waiting for the Installation of the APS-1H so I can be trained. However, the quad techs take no prisoners when it comes to chasing down bugs. The Meridian is Quads answer to FUJI's machines. If you want to consider change out times nothing beats a Quad. I've had change outs range from the time it takes me to Load a new program(1minute) to 15 minutes depending on the job. An experience operator can change out one or more feeders in less than a minute. I've also had several ZERO job change out times. This is another story.

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