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Safe chairs


Safe chairs | 27 November, 2001

Can anyone give me a brand name on a chair with casters that only rolls when it has weight on it? A couple of jobs ago we had chairs for the operators that would only roll after someone had sat down, that way they would not roll away while someone was trying to sit down.

Today we had someone get hurt because her chair got bumped and rolled away as she was sitting down. I remembered using that other type chair, but can't remember what company made it. If we can, I'd like to replace the casters on our current chairs with the other type, but we'll consider getting all new chairs if we have to. We're using lower height benches, so the chairs we have are about the same height as office chairs.

Thanks for your help.

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Corey Parry


Safe chairs | 27 November, 2001

I hope this helps. We distribute chairs for BioFit. One type of caster we offer (LRU) is a Dual-wheel soft caster that resists movement when the seat is not occupied.

Since all chair manufactures use different legs, if you could provide me with the type or size of caster "post" I'll try to determine if you can retrofit your current chairs.

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