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My Data



My Data | 5 December, 2001

Does anyone have any information on the equipment manufacturer "My Data" I know Fuji, Siemens, Universal and some Panasonic, but �My Data� I have no clue. I am looking for people that have, worked with or on. Are they worth looking into? Looking for info on programming software, optimization, part data, and maintenance. Any info will be more than I have now. I know I can go to their web and look up information, but I want real input from people familiar with the equipment.

Thanks, Chris

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My Data | 5 December, 2001

Mydata [] makes excellent placement machines with some unique features. They are: * Tailored high mix, high part count, fast turn production. * Not aimed a low mix, chip pukin� production. * For BIG butt boards.

Aegis works fine for programming.

Every year in January [I believe] "Circuit Assembly" magazine publishes a vapid comparison of placement machines. That might be a good place for you to begin focusing on the differences between these machines.

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Ivan R


My Data | 5 December, 2001

Hello Chris , Well I have work with MYDATA , QUAD and PANASONIC before and now with SIEMENS that is my background to reply to your question . What I can tell you is that MYDATA is the easier machine to fix any equipment breakdowns and that doesn`t happen very often like the one i`m working right now . Very easy to troubleshoot and you don`t need a big engineer guy to fix it , if I have to vote who is the number one in low maintenance I will vote for MYDATA. In the programming department , also is one of the best and easiers to do any changes on your online programming or in the machine ,, so optimization and part data , don`t worry about that as you will get the best there is . Setup , very easy too. The only thing I can said bad about them ,, is that some machines come with a few bugs , for example when I work with them TP9 was excellent for us but MY19 have a few problems but less of what I have right now . I hope I can be a little bet of help . IR

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My Data | 6 December, 2001

They were always on top of my list. Didn�t have such smart salesguys as others I guess, not one ever made it to our lines although they were the prefered ones.


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Ed Mentzer


My Data | 6 December, 2001

We have a MY12 with the Hydra head, its a great machine for us. We had a MultiTroniKs before. The MYDATA is easy to program, easy to use, is very accurate, is easy to change from job to job. In the 18 months we have had the machine the only problem was a board failure in one of the feeders. MYDATA fixed that problem very quickly and at no charge. The MYDATA field techinicans are very good, they know the machine and are quick to fix any problem. The telephone support is excellent. It is easy to teach an operator to use the machine.

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Bernard Mulcahy


My Data | 19 December, 2001


Just to confirm what is being said by everyone else. Good software and programming. Linux based rather than NT so people are less inclined to 'tinker '. Maintenance and breakdowns are easy to deal with . Breakdowns happen rarely and in 3 years I have yet to have had to call in Mydata except on contract maintenance. Excellent machine for high mix with lots of change overs. We use it as a batch machine. My reckoning is that its one downfall is probably setting it up as in-line might be awkard because of how the conveyor would go.-- Some one else might have experience of this



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My Data | 28 December, 2001


I have worked with all kinds of Mydata's TP9,TP11,MY series machine for years. I have ran them, programmed them,and had just about every nut, bolt,motor, and circuit board out of them at one time or another.I have also written specialized maintenance procedures for them.

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