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Smurf Coats


Smurf Coats | 10 December, 2001

We�re unhappy with the apparently high cost of ownership of our smurf [ ] coats.

We own three ESD protection coats for each assembler, as follows: * One to wear, changing once a week, er when they get scrufty. * One being cleaned. * One cleaned.

We are very unhappy with the cost of coats ~$150 per employee. We recognize there is a balance between trying to "save" too much money when buying coats [You get "plastic bags" that get too hot for the people wearing the coats.] and getting a useful product.

We are very unhappy with the cost of testing coats after return from the cleaners. * Use C=0 sampling planning plan. * Test the seam of each panel => back, fronts, and sleeves. * Record data on each coat tested.

Look here [ ], if you think: * Testing is a can of corn. * Detergents don't affect smock performance. * Smocks don't wear-out. * Smock construction is unimportant. * Etc.

What do yall do?

Grumpy Smurf

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Smurf Coats | 11 December, 2001

I have often questioned the value of static dissipative coats or smocks. If we have an ESD floor, and are wearing ESD shoes or straps and are using wrist ground straps, what value is there in ESD coats/smocks?????????

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Smurf Coats | 11 December, 2001



Smurf Coats | 11 December, 2001

Our co. is thinking of moving to smocks, but we aren't there yet. However, I can understand why we might want to. Have you ever seen the static buildup on a wool sweater or a polar fleece vest after rubbing against a chair all day in a cold dry prairie winter environment? A smock has to be an improvement, although maybe we should just issue a dress code...

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Michael Parker


Smurf Coats | 11 December, 2001

in your example, wool clothing and prairie winter ionization makes sense. Smocks would be an improvement to contain the potential of static build up. If you go to dress codes, then you run the risk of having to provide uniforms or pay a laundry allowance.

Better yet, your suppliers and customers would have peace of mind that you are proactive with ESD control. We have heal straps, wrist straps, ESD wax on the floors, grounded work surfaces, air ionizers. I don't see the added benefit of smocks but it sure impresses the customers. Small price to pay for diplomacy.

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Smurf Coats | 12 December, 2001

Yeah, we do have wrist straps, heel straps, ESD wax, and grounded ESD mats on all work benches. One guy with long fly-away hair was actually told to wear his hair pinned back as well - so started to wear a ball cap...


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