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artistic performances with electronic clothes



artistic performances with electronic clothes | 11 December, 2001

I am the director of a performance/art group who work with electroacoustic clothing. Esssentially we perform with electronic clothes that make sounds by react with/to the environment. Please take a look mat our web site (complete with pictures and streaming videos)

We are involved internationally with many arts and trade fairs and festivals. Currently we have been looking for a way to integrate the electronic circuits on our "audio tutus" (the plexiglass dresses that our dancers wear) and are looking for a company that would be interested in doing this. As it is well-known artists are essentially non-profit organisations that create a lot of fun and excitement: I guess that we are looking for some kind of joint venture with a IC-building company that would help us in exchange for us making performances. We are based in Berlin and Europe but travel regularly to the US and Asia. Essentially an Audio Ballerina wears a 30-watt amplifying system that is also equipped with a digital recording device that can record a local sound "live", play it back, but also pitch it and loop it. At the same time they also use light frequency controllers to create sound from light intensity. One of our main instruments is currently a cannibalized Yamaha keyboard where we have taken the circuit board out of the casing and hooked up mercury switches to it so that the ballerinas can use these to create sounds via their movements. Sound complicated? -- it isnt and we have a lot of fun!

I am wondering how to approach companies with these kind of ideas.

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artistic performances with electronic clothes | 11 December, 2001

WOW! Can't beleive I have input for this one.

Try BOSE Corporation in USA. The Head quarters are located in MA and production is located in South Carolina.

Best regards, acoustiCAL (Weak I know)

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Michael Parker


artistic performances with electronic clothes | 18 December, 2001

You gotta include a Tesla coil and Jacobs ladder somehow. It would give some awesome visual.

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