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Programing | 21 December, 2001


I would like to know wich software do you use for programming a new board, I use the one who came with the machine but I'm not very happy with it...So If you have good suggestion for me let me know.

Thank you

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Ivan R


Programing | 21 December, 2001

Hi Yannick ,, well it all depend what kind of machine are you using and how old are they ? Right now I`m usinf GC-PLace but I also know Unicam ,,, they are both good program but I do prefer one more than the other . Why don`t you e-mail me and I will tell you more about it ,, just tell me what kind of machine you are using and the year , I`m not a sales person so I will tell you the way I think as a Programmer Hope to heard from you Ivan

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Programing | 22 December, 2001

Two perspectives: * Ask your machine supplier to suggest alternatives. * Aegis Software

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Programing | 26 December, 2001

I find that software is a quite individual part of the entire machine. Some programmers love to have at least 20 windows open at one time and others prefer to put all information on one single page. What appears to be easy for one, may be difficult for others. For myself, I prefer some personal interaction with the computer ( �please correct placement position in line 231. The position is outside the travel area.�)(see �dream machine� on this forum). Third party software may be not the right solution for you and can easily become outdated, if you upgrade your machine software. Try to cope with the software as is and make it as easy as possible for you to get the data into the machine. Identify the problems the current software has. Do you: have problems with the CAD translator, or have difficulties with the component feeder set up file? Can you import any data in any other format, or do you have type in everything manually? Unless you deal with Gerber data, you may able to make up your own software. Try to �program� the machine in a format you like best ( Word, Excel, Works, Coral ) and then find a way to convert this format into the machine format. In some cases you may have to join the BOM and the reference designator into one table, or sort columns differently. It is very likely that someone else did it already before you. Let us know, which brand of machine you have and possibly this site can offer more support

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Programing | 26 December, 2001

Hi Yannick,

Smart Sonic has just introduced the "Assembly Module" to their StencilScan AOI software package. By adding the Assembly Module to StencilScan AOI, one workstation allows you to inspect and compare the stencil to the PCB and Gerber data and use the same software to produce assembly files for multi-vendor pick and place, insertion, test, inspection and dispensing machines.

The system is Windows-based (user friendly) and only a $3000 add on to the StencilScan AOI system.

It's on the Smart Sonic website: Regards,


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Programing | 4 January, 2002

As mentioned before, it really does depend on the type(s) of machines you are using. Unicam and Fuji teamed up to bring us Fujicam, which is geared towards Fuji machines, but will also work with Panasonic, Universal, and (I think) Siemens. It has a friendly interface, and it is no problem if you more than one type of machine in your SMT line - it even allows you to optimize the line with different types of equipment.

Also, Siemens has brand new software available that is much more user friendly than their previous platform.


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