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Fine Pitch Rework


Fine Pitch Rework | 7 January, 2002

Hi!! I need some information about how to rework fine pitch components which had been rejected by machine and has coplanarity damage.

Does anyone know a procedure that can help me? Thanks in advance. Regards

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Fine Pitch Rework | 7 January, 2002

Is your machine rejecting acceptable parts?

YES => Reprogram the machine NO => Search the fine SMTnet Archives, for instance:

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Fine Pitch Rework | 8 January, 2002

Well assuming that the parts are genuinely damaged when rejected and you want to rework them to reduce scrap,you could use a shadow graph and get the mechanical spec on clear film.Then rework accordingly you should be able to rework most leads.

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Fine Pitch Rework | 9 January, 2002

Remeber Do not use any probes or fixtures to hold the lead down while soldering or rework .....this is a bad idea. I would remove the component and replace or gently push the lead back into coplanarity and resolder. This all can be done at most rework stations. Dave posted a good question...Why is your PNP machine placing bad parts?

Cal Manncorp

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Fine Pitch Rework | 14 January, 2002

Also you have to be carefully because to many stress can damage the component internaly

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