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Mydata for prototyping?


Mydata for prototyping? | 14 January, 2002

Currently our company is in the process of putting together a SMT prototype line... I have experience with fuji, universal, DEK, MPM, BTU, Electrovet in a high volume application. Now with prototype builds we have narrowed down a few and would like any input with suggestion from current users. We have Samsung, Siemens, and Mydata as possibles... Now of course going DEK stencil printer and oven will be BTU, Electrovert or Heller... I mostly have Mydata questions, I read a thread on the Mydata MY15 that some are having problems with it? How is the placement with large parts with the Y axis moving, any parts flying etc? Any bugs I may encounter having to use one Mydata to place all components? Any other info would be appreciated...

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Mydata for prototyping? | 14 January, 2002

The great thing about Mydata is the ability to put small strips of components on the Y-table. Takes only a few minutes to setup. I build mainly protos and small lots. The y axis is the table. The head is the x. Any problems you may have heard of were probably due to package parameters such as x speed or tool type. The machine I have is a TP9-UFP. I have accurately placed .015" fine pitch and .020" BGA's with the standard vision. If you have any questions email me.

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Mydata for prototyping? | 15 January, 2002

The Mydata machine's Y-axis moving does not affect parts already placed on the board. The machine has very sophisticated acceleration and deceleration to account for this. There are many users of Mydata machines running 0.3mm pitch and large heavy parts that do not see any movement on the board. Mydata is a good fit for proto work because it is very user friendly to program, very fast to changeover and can handle a large range of components. Take field trips to each placement machine vendor w/ PCB CAD/Gerber data, PCBs, components and boards and make them show you the programming and setup from scratch. Don't send materials in advance so they can "cheat". Run the machine yourself. Be sure you know what you're getting into. You are the one that will have to live with the machine. Don't take a salesperson?s claims without verifying such claims yourself. Asked each vendor to give you references for the last 5 or 6 machines they installed into proto or low volume/high mix customers. Don't accept the standard customer reference list because those are always "cherry picked" customers. Verify local service techs are in your area and how many applications engineers the vendor has and at what locations. The bottom line for proto work is fast programming, setup and changeover, wide range of components it can place and user friendliness for the operators.

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Mydata for prototyping? | 16 January, 2002

You sound like your set to go with MyData. If you still have some time look at what Contact Systems has. Their older machines were slower compared to what is out there but they are awesome prototype machines (write a quick program, run a couple of boards, write another program, do a couple other boards.....). They have something called a 3S (low end), 3AV (high end) and 3Z (high end and faster). They have been working on a gantry machine that might be ready by now.

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