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Thermocouple Repair Tips



Thermocouple Repair Tips | 18 January, 2002

Okay here's what happened. We've got a "bonepile" of old obsolet profile boards with thermocouples attached. I asked the production Supervisor, could he have one of his people DE-SOLDER the T/C's, put them in a bag, and give them to me. So, what happnes instead????? His people end up CUTTING the T/C's with dykes, so guess what? The junction is cut! T/C NO GOOD. I've got over a hundred "cut off" T/C's.

Anybody know a good way to repair them? I've seen them arc-welded before.

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Thermocouple Repair Tips | 19 January, 2002

Yes, you can rework your thermocouples, but consider using a method other than arc welding. Arc welding can join thermocouples, but it uses a filler. The filler adds a third material that affects the slope of the thermal profile.

We rework our thermocouples down at the trade school with a spot welder. Other welding processes that are acceptable for reworking thermocouples are: * TIG * Plasma

We try to keep the weld a short as possible.

Consider that your thermocouple supplier may be willing to economically rework your thermocouples.

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Thermocouple Repair Tips | 20 January, 2002

I used to twist them sometimes at times that there were no alternatives. it works fine for a quite a while, than you have to cut and twist them again. I tried to weld them too, but it did not succeed. Further I heard that hard-soldering them (with a third material) could work too..

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Thermocouple Repair Tips | 21 January, 2002


Can you provide info. on some T/C manufacturers willing to perform repair services? Thanks.

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Thermocouple Repair Tips | 22 January, 2002

Contact your supplier's customer service. For instance, Omega Engineering does nonwarranty repair on their products.

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