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Fuji CP6 5000


Fuji CP6 5000 | 20 January, 2002

We have a CP6 5000, please kindly inform us the optimal tact time is 0.09 or 0.12.

Kindly confirm us the CP65 is same or different to CP6-5000.

The CP6-4000 and CP6-500, any different, except on the table size?

Hope to recieve your help?!

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Fuji CP6 5000 | 21 January, 2002

The nozzle shafts are different (and windmill/ head), cutter blades and assy. are different, that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Also slightly slower than a CP64. I believe the 65 and 65000 are the same.

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Fuji CP6 5000 | 23 January, 2002

The CP-65E handles a wide range of board sizes, including large boards up to 508 x 457 mm or 20 x 18 inches. Handling consumer as well as industrial applications, this durable and highly efficient machine achieves a cycle time of 0.12 seconds/shot and can load a maximum of 140 part types. The rotary turret houses simple, six-nozzle placing heads, expanding the number of possible nozzle variations and facilitating maintenance. Fuji has incorporated several data-driven features into the CP-65 such as table modes and a global block skip function that enhance operating efficiency. You can find information about some of those features here, read our current CP-65E brochure, and obtain the machine's specs.

Copied right from the Fuji site. Should be able to answer most of your questions.


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