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reflow temp/ic damage



reflow temp/ic damage | 22 January, 2002

Hi all, or anyone. We recently purchased some smd equip. to do our own inhouse assy. Though we did purchase a training package it was short and sweet. What I was wonderin is their any tips on oven profiling, we were told that 90% of our product would run at a default profile (i am at home and do not have the temps). Are there certain temps that you should not exceed, and type of components more sensitive than others. anyone?

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reflow temp/ic damage | 22 January, 2002

Try: * Searching the fine SMTnet Archives. We have ground profiling, thermocouple attach, etc. to pulps. * Buying [ ] IPC-7530 - Guidelines for Temperature Profiling for Mass Soldering (Reflow and Wave)

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reflow temp/ic damage | 28 January, 2002

Yes and Yes, Your solder supplier should recomend a profile (standard profile) in most cases you can follow it. Of course you should be running a thermal profile of each board type to verify it is within the specified temp rang. You should also check each board run and see if there are any components on the board that may gat the standard profile, meaning if the paste says to reach 210 or 220 for 45 seconds and the part can not exceed 200 for more than 20 seconds the part now dictates your profile.

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