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GDM paste dispensing

Clark K.


GDM paste dispensing | 30 January, 2002

Does anyone out there have experience dispensing solder paste with a Universal GDM (4716AL) with positive displacement pumps? I'd like to hear any comments on the success or failure of the machine to dispense consistently, effect of temperature variations, cleeanup time, etc. Thanks in advance.

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GDM paste dispensing | 30 January, 2002

Clark, The universal GDM should handle your application with ease. Although not as accurate as an archimedes screw, the positive displacement pump of your GDM will still be well within any tolerances if maintained and operated properly.. Not to mention it will be alot faster. The only things you need to look out for is "cavitation and drool", explained in *A Dispense Equipment Primer, by- Heather Wells(Manncorp)* located in the SMT Library. If you are not familiar with the different solutions to these problems I suggest talking to Universal about the recommended paste and machine settings, i.e. needle size etc.... As far as cleaning, it all depends on the frequency of use, but as a general rule: at least at the beginning and end of shift. That's just my opinion, I could be wrong!

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