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Re: CMS-84V Software questions

Allan Overcast


CMS-84V Software questions | 14 September, 2000

I just purchased a used Philips CMS-84V pick and place machine and am curious if their software (CSM toolbox and/or CSM digitizer) is needed. I use the Protel for Windows PCB layout software.

Any input would be helpful.


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Mark Charlton


Re: CMS-84V Software questions | 15 September, 2000

I've been using the Philips CSM84V for more than 7 years now and would be glad to help you any way I can. Do you have a Mark III or is you machine a Mark II or earlier? Some important differences in the way things are done between the two.

CSM Toolbox is communications software which will allow you to download/upload files from/to a PC to/from CSM84.

If you want to discuss other details, e-mail me at

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Franco Dav´┐Ż


Re: CMS-84V Software questions | 18 November, 2000

CSM toolbox & CSM digitizer are two hold software for programming the machine offline. If you want something thery new you have to ask via PHILIPS EMT ( at your PHILIPS EMT region ) the CAD2CAD software. This software is for free for PHILIPS customer, you have only to register when you install. To have some news about it see hte web site:

If you need more details & help about CSM / GEM machine please let me know.



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Re: CMS-84V Software questions | 26 February, 2002

Hi, i saw your post from a very long time ago ! We bought 2 CSM-60V's !! I know those machine are very old ! But i still want to use them for chipshooting.

Know i'm looking for and software but i can't find it! What do i need and where can i get it. doesn't exist anymore !! We use ultiboard and some other applications!

Any idee how i can program those machine's offline ???

Lot's of thanx... Roy

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