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ESD suitability of bare wood

Phil the Quality Guy


ESD suitability of bare wood | 7 February, 2002

Recent discussions have risen lately regarding the in-house transferring and handling of populated printed circuit boards using unpainted wooden slats with notches cut in them. Wood may be at the high end of the neutral triboelectric scale but does anyone have any commentary about it's suitability for handling boards in relationship to ESD resistivity?

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ESD suitability of bare wood | 7 February, 2002

You are correct about the location of wood on your friendly neighborhood triboelectric scale. But unfortunately for us [and fortunately for the ESD protected material board rack salesperson], the scale does not recognize the effect of the moisture that the wood absorbs. So, depending on the amount of moisture in the air, wood might be good, but then again, wood could be � Because of this, the results are somewhat unpredictable. Use your field meter to determine if you can live with wood�s bad days.

There may be similar discussions in the fine SMTnet Archives.

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ESD suitability of bare wood | 8 February, 2002

Yet Again Dave spills his pearls of wisdom. Dave is correct in the moisture content wood absorbs. I know we have all visited factories with wood board holders and such. I have actually seen wood carts with drag chains. Also, keep in mind static can be generated from two materials rubbing or sliding together (we ain't talking friction. PCB and Wood has been verified via a "sniffer" Also, bare wood can absorb contaminates oils, fluxes, and so on. I would be more concerned about transfering contaminates to a PCB. Atleast with "Plastic" holders you can drop it into a cleaning system.

Best regards, Cal

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ESD suitability of bare wood | 11 February, 2002

Cal: What's a "sniffer"?

No-Cleaners: * How do clean your board handling racks / carriers? * How do determine the level of residues on your boards? How often do you do that process?

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