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Jimbos' R.O.E.


Jimbos' R.O.E. | 19 February, 2002

My Jimbos' (Drummoyne Dirty Reds Rugby Union Licensed Club)has, sob, just closed. How do I select a new one? Do I, for instance, start a spreadsheet and visit some new venues. What criteria do I use. Price of beer? Quality of beer? Access to bar to do crosswords during quite periods? Decor, no leave decor out, otherwise I never would have drank at the Reds. Friendliness of Bar Staff? Attractiveness of Bar Staff? Revealingness of Bar Staffs clothes? Parking? Breathalyser positions? Dress rules? Propensity of fellow patrons to spray while conversing? Hideability from wife and kids? Gambling facilities? It's just TOO HARD! How do I figure out if I spend $X per week what factor do i put on enjoyment comfort etc to get my R.O.E? Any ideas gratefully accepted. Thirsty Darby.

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Jimbos' R.O.E. | 19 February, 2002

Just down the street from the Cheek to Cheek Dance Studio, eh? It does seem sad ...

Because we came from the land down under. The woman blow and then blunder. Can�t you hear, can�t you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover.

We come from the land down under. After ten pints of XXXX, we chunder. Don't you love Campo's British Lions blunder. Should they just have executed us, I wonder?

It is that Rugby time of year, isn�t it? � Janne and Brad�s accomplishments aside.

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Jimbos' R.O.E. | 19 February, 2002

Dave, Nice one. I was a roadie for Men At Works' tours to the States in '82 & '83. W had a crew t-shirt printed up that had on the front the musical notation for the hook in 'Who Can It Be Now' with the words printed underneath 'Who F.....g Cares'. On the back it had printed

'A carpet where the band can stand, all beer stained torn and frayed. Since workin' with the Men At Work, It's the only thing we've laid.'

We were a fairly ugly bunch. As for Campo - well he'd win some and lose some, but never bore you to death, unlike the Poms. Yes it's that time of year to check the sprigs and mow the grass. I know 'cause I was talking to one of the coaches while we were road testing a new Jimbos' close to the oval. It's only the licensed club that's closed, not the football club. Janne and Brad?

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Jimbos' R.O.E. | 19 February, 2002

Wow!!! A cleb, coo!! I thought roadies were not only ugly, but BIG and ugly.

Yes, it was a nice one, but I coped it from an Ozzie football club chat site. No pretense at being that astute.

Yeh, it sounded like the licensed club was closed, but not the football club. While we�re there, help us understand a �licensed club�. Are there other types of clubs? We have bars and after-hours clubs. Most bars have a license. Generally, after-hour clubs have no liquor license, sometimes they�re bottle clubs [BYOB] and sometimes they�re not.

Janne and Brad? Where I got Janne from, I do not have a clue. It SB Alisa and Brad.

They are my stereotypical Ozzies: * She: blond, big smile, fresh-scrubbed, drop-dead good looking. * He: blond frosted spikes, all pierced-up, dry/cynical sense of humor.

Steven BRADBURY won a gold in the Men 1000 m Short Track. The Ozzies� first winter gold, ever. In 1994, he lost four liters of blood [humans only have like 5.6 L] and needed 111 stitches in his right leg after an accident. In 2000, he suffered a broken neck and spent six weeks wearing a neck brace. He is a part owner of RBS, a company that makes custom speed skating boots. The favorites in short track wear his skates. So, he tells �em �When you win, tell everyone about my boots!!!� Then, after all the rockets crash and burn. Steve wasn't involved in the melee, being dead last and totally out of it . So, he skates past the mass of writhing bodies with a quizzical look on his face, crosses the finish line first, and the bloke wins!!! Fantastic.

Alisa CAMPLIN won a gold in freestyle skiing.

Just to close the loop ...


... The �GREAT Chunder Page� for those who dare ...

... For those smart enough to take a hint, but are still curious, look here

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Jimbos' R.O.E. | 20 February, 2002

I certainly fit both citeria - 6'4" with a face like a bashed crab. I think I'm the one on the far right in white in the top picture at which I believe is us at Mudd Island, Memphis in 1983.

Alisa and Steve - now I gotcha. That Bradbury is sooo lucky. His first race two others fall - he goes on. His second race someone is disqualified - he goes on. His third race - everyone falls - GOLD. Go Aussie! He was 2500/1 with the bagmen at the start of the games! That Alisa's a real sweety and "came home like Bernborough".(famous racehorse).

The licensed club is the one that has permission to sell alcohol and is generally begun by the members of the sporting club, be it Rugby League, Golf, Fishing (are there any other sports?) or, yeah - Darts. A Jimbos' without a dartboard is an abomination.They get membership fees and run raffles, get sponsorship or donations from wealthy patrons etc and either build or rent a Club House. They get a licence to sell grog, put in a coupla pokies and make money which they supposedly put back into the "sporting club". They are by law required to be non-profit. We've got R.S.L (=Returned Services Leagues = rissoles= arries) clubs bigger than suburbs. We love "Clubs". Within a five mile radius I've got 10 x Bowling (lawn), 3 x Golf, 2 x Rugby League, 5 x Rowing, 2 x Sailing, 2 x Tennis and I think 1 x Water Polo. Many, many Jimbos'. Here's the tricky part. If I live within a five radius of the "licenced club" I cannot drink/eat/enter there unless I am a paid up member,signed in by a member or are a member of a club with the same interests. If I am a member of the "sporting club" this may/may not entitle me to use the "licensed club" - I am still under the five mile rule. If I am a member of the "licensed club" this may/may not entitle me to use the facilities of the "sporting club" even though they are in the "licensed clubs" premises. I cannot represent the "sporting club"at their chosen sport unless I am a member of the "sporting club". Bar staff may be a member of the "sporting club" but in most clubs cannot be a member of the "licensed club". Of course voting rights at meetings are in accordance with the above rules, though in many cases you cannot vote on "sporting club" issues unless you have been a member of the "sporting club" for three years - this is so blow-ins can't take over. If you live outside the five mile radius you can drink in any "licensed club" you like. Where ever people got the idea that we are a bunch of simpletons from I don't know. We really love a chunder too! After all we did invent Sparkling Burgandy. There is nothing quite as good as a peppermint flavoured sparkling "Burgo" to get the juices rumbling. Seeya Bruce.

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Jimbos' R.O.E. | 20 February, 2002

I saw Bradbury's last two races. Luck comes around. What do they say? "Luck is the residue of hard work."

Two things: 1 I know what a smashed crab looks like and I cannot find anything like that on the link you gave. 2 All of that for a longneck of Bud? Jeez. That is Byzantine. The Brits couldn�t do it as well as that. Since I live like 17 hours away, would I have to go through all that, erzit better to do KB at a barbie with a couple of mates while listening to a Barnesy CD.

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Jimbos' R.O.E. | 22 February, 2002

How about that. Gets through to the second round of the 1500m on his arse going BACKWARDS. Then falls on the last turn of the second heat! He said "I thought I might be a bit tired as I hadn't slept for 34 hours two days before, after the "Medal". My plan was to just take it easy and see how I went - trouble was I had plent of juice left in the tank and I should have made my move a lot earlier. I could have made it standing on my head.". I believe him.

1. I think I'm the white dot on the stage. No face to see thank heavens. 2. As long as you satisfy the dress rules and live outside the magical five - your in!

Do not drink KB. KB is a beer for laying down and avoiding.

Grab a couple of mates by all means, maybe with some VB. Leave Barnsey at home, you don't want it to sound like the neighbours are killin' the cat. Cold Chisel is OK though. A bit of Mental As Anything, Gangajang, Hoodoo Gurus or other "Strayan" bands 'll set you right.

To those of you not enamoured with this thread - a thought for the day:

If you bought $1000 worth of Ansett Stock one year ago, it would be worth $49 today.

If you bought $1000 worth of beer one year ago, drank all the beer, and traded in the cans for the aluminium, you would have $52 today.

Beer - is there anything it can't do?

I'll let you know when I've settled on a new Jimbos'. Seeya Bruces.

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