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solderability test



solderability test | 1 March, 2002

Hi Everyone,

I am currently looking for a simple testing setup procedure to conduct solderability test in my small lab. Just wonder if anyone has any idea what kinds of equipment or preparation I need to get started. Any input like what website to go or book to read will be greatly appreciated.


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solderability test | 1 March, 2002

J-STD-001 states the requirements for determining and preserving solderability. J-STD-002 defines the proper test methods and equipment.

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solderability test | 3 March, 2002

RPS (Robtic Process Systems - I think) Makes a system called a Wet Balance tester. This machine is useful for Solderability on PCB sections and Components.

Also for more info please go to and down load Decemeber 01 Article on Solderability.

Best Regards, Cal

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solderability test | 4 March, 2002

IPC-TM-650 is free downloadable test methods defined by IPC. Check their website., and look for the free downloads section. The manual is divided into several subcategories, and I believe under mechanical test methods there are several different documents on performing solderability tests.

Regards, Genny.

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