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IPC-9850 | 4 March, 2002

I contacted IPC about the new IPC-9850 board used for machine characterization. Is anyone using this method for accuracy or cycle time between vendors? If you have, where did you get the boards and CAD/Gerber data from? IPC made the standard, but who is selling the kit?


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IPC-9850 | 4 March, 2002

We do not use IPC 9850.

�The stated purpose of IPC 9850 is �to standardize the way machine vendors specify placement rates with specific accuracy requirements for different components�. It also provides a form to record the test results, which include reliability statistics. It was created by individuals with different agendas and is thus a document full of compromises, inconsistencies, and unclear intent. It remains to be seen how the standard will be adopted by the industry.� Said John Pompea, President, Contact Systems

According to IPC, 9850 is in interim final review. The contacts on this link may be able give you a more direct response about test board CAD data.

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