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Networking Panisonic SMT Equipment



Networking Panisonic SMT Equipment | 4 March, 2002

I was wanting to know if anyone has had any luck at networking Panisonic equipment. We've purchased the Panacim package for one of our lines and have found that it was very costly and can create downtime. We are wanting the capability to download master program files and reference all our machines off of one Parts library. The use of being able to upload nozzle, cassette and error data is also desired.

Our networking people have looked into connecting to the machine and have had no luck. Has anyone been able to connect threw there network by way of a host or some other manner? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Equipment used: MSH, MSHII, MVII,F,C MPAG3, MPA80, MSR, MMCG3


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Networking Panisonic SMT Equipment | 5 March, 2002

I am not familiar with networking the machines in question. What type of OS do the machines run on? How does the Panacim software network the equipment? If you only want to access all the machines offline for file transport and do not plan on using the network for optimization you should be able to set up a simple solution. If optimization is what you want you might have to write a script to execute from offline. Does the equipment have ethernet card's to attach to? If they do,Have you already installed your network cables? If so, Can you PING the machines? If you can PING but are unable to connect, Have you edited the export files? Feel free to contact me offline for more info.

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Networking Panisonic SMT Equipment | 5 March, 2002

I don't know much about it, but I know that we at one time had the capability. We don't use it now, however.

We have 3 MSHII's, and apparently there's a card that needs a dip switch turned on (the MMC card, maybe?), and a new firmware rev. if they weren't originally shipped with networking in mind. Won't Panasonic help you out with this stuff?

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Networking Panisonic SMT Equipment | 5 March, 2002

Hi, I currently use a package produced by a New Zealand company called SMS Line Control. This enabled me to control 3 differnt lines (with different machinery in them) and have them fully networkable. Maybe they would be able to solve any networking issues you have withthe Panasonic machines. Contact name is Neil Douglas, and he can be reached on +64 3 339 2222

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