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Fuji IP3 clamping problem


Fuji IP3 clamping problem | 7 March, 2002

After the IP3 is stopped by any means ie. Estop, cycle stop, or machine runs out of parts, upon restart the table will go to load position, unclamp, reclamp, read the fids and then proceed as normal. The problem is that if we already have fine pitch or BGA's placed on the board during all this unclamping and clamping it can cause the parts to shift and results in defects. Our other IP3 goes through the same scenario: upon machine being restarted after a stop it will go to load position to verify board presence and then proceed as normal WITHOUT UNCLAMPING. The machines are basically identical. Same version firmware, same machine ID in propers, I am testing using the same program and board. The confirm and decel. sensors are tripped at the same time and are set for the same duration. The MX100 is receiving signals from both sensors as well as the I/O showing tripped and are very responsive. (When you flag and unflag sensor quickly, the MX100 and I/O respond the same.) The problem is not program specific as it happens on all assemblies. We have done a reset start and resent proper, status and program many times. I have installed a new "main confirm" sensor. I will also try a new "main decel." sensor.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Fuji IP3 clamping problem | 8 March, 2002

Have you contacted Fuji? I believe we had the same situation a while back and (I think) it was a proper setting and not a sensor problem. A tech. can probably walk you through it over the phone. good luck, pr

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Fuji IP3 clamping problem | 8 March, 2002

I think the reason of the problem is the sensitivity of some sensor.maybe it's the main conveyor arrival sensor .I think you can do a test , make the sensor always on, and tese.

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Fuji IP3 clamping problem | 13 March, 2002

Are these sensors the reflective type? Maybe when the board is unclamped and it goes over the sensor it is seen, and then when it is clamped (raised) it is now out of the range the sensor was set for. That should be easy to adjust. A problem I've seen with reflective type sensors is when you get boards of different colors or shades they don't reflect the signal back to the sensor with the same intensity. I'm curious what your fix was.

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Steve E ( Fujiamerica )


Fuji IP3 clamping problem | 19 March, 2002

This problem happens when a dark part is placed where the main conveyer stop sensor is located.The machine does a board check ( back to loading pos ) . If a part is under the sensor it absorbs the beam and the machine thinks there�s no board. The table will come up, this changes the focal point for the sensor beam, and turns it back on. Dropping the table and starting over. Maybe just reposition the main Conveyor sensors will help.

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Fuji IP3 clamping problem Fixed!!!!!! | 20 March, 2002

Hi All; The following is from our Support people who worked with Fuji on the problem;

Last week Luke Mittur and John Gudel were in from Fuji to address the IP3 issue outlined below. The problem ended up being that the table "up" and table "down" confirm sensors were both continously tripped regardless if they really were or not. The replacement of these two sensors took care of the problem. It appears the flag for these sensors was slightly bent to one side and was rubbing on one side of the sensors until enough damage was done that they remained tripped. The bent flag probably came from tooling or something similar getting caught in that area. You would think the machine would error out with a lifter error, clamp or unclamp error, or some sort of time out error. This was not the case though, so keep this in mind when troubleshooting.

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