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Power Supply - Capacitor's



Power Supply - Capacitor's | 9 March, 2002

Hi, I'm currently building a power supply right now and it requires one 14,000uF 40v capacitor. The problem is I dont have a capcitor with that value, and they are hard to find and very expensive to buy. What i was thinking of doing is putting a bunch of smaller capacitors together so that it would be 14,000uF, but im not sure if this would work, and if it would work what formation would i assemble the capcitors in? series, or paralell ? Your help would be greatly appreciated, sincerely, Shaun

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Power Supply - Capacitor's | 9 March, 2002

14,000 uf now that's a BAC!!!

Your thinking is correct. Connecting capacitors together works just opposite to connecting resistors together. * Capacitors in parallel add like resistors in series [Ct = C1 + C2 + ... Cn]. * Capacitors in series add like resistors in parallel. [1/Ct = 1/C1 + 1/C2 + ... 1/Cn]

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Power Supply - Capacitor's | 13 March, 2002

>14,000 uf now that's a BAC!!!

Not really that big - check out



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Mahesh K.R.


Power Supply - Capacitor's | 20 March, 2002

I have some questions on this. What is the power rating of the power supply? In power supply where are you using the capacitor? What type of loads you connect to the power supply?

If it is a simple 50Hz rectifier, There is no option. You have to use the same copacitor, either single or parallel combination. If you are interested, you can think about active filters( Power factor compensators). The advantage is you can reduce capacitor value.

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