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Request for all you smtnetters.....


Request for all you smtnetters..... | 20 March, 2002

How about we all try real hard to come back to the forum and post what we eventually found was the resolution to the problem we started the thread for in the first place.

I'm probably guilty too, and I'm gonna try real hard to practice what I preach, but it seems like what I find when I do a search on a pertinent topic is a problem description, a few (or many) responses as to what might be causing the problem, but rarely do I see someone come back to share what ultimately resolved it.

True, maybe I'm looking for a cheap fix, the shortest route to the answer, instead of trying to learn everything I can about it all. Well, I'll be employer would prefer me to be a hero, not a scholar. ;) I can be a student of the industry on my own time, but they usually want it fixed NOW!

One other thing.....don't forget to thank the people for their responses. Without them you might still be scratchin' yer head and sweatin' bullets the next time the VP of Mfg. walks up and says "Are you aware of the fact that your process is currently the critical path for this product?"

Peace all...

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