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Buying Used High Speed Equipment


Buying Used High Speed Equipment | 21 March, 2002

We are actively looking to buy a Fuji CP6 series placement machine in the used market. We constructed a questionnaire for perspective sellers trying to get as much information out of them as we can regarding possible machines (serial numbers, dates, condition, capability, warranty, training, etc.). For those of you who have experienced a transaction of this type, what are some of the problems you encountered after the sale that you didn't think of during your initial inquiries? Thanks.

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Buying Used High Speed Equipment | 21 March, 2002

it became quite popular to ask for a so called licensing fee from the supplier. Without, you will not get serviced. You will have to add this to the cost, if you don't buy from Fuji and require spare parts. If the machine can be demonstrated from the machine dealership, there is not much more you can ask. If possible get a copy of the service log book, which would tell you pretty much everything about the machine history.

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Buying Used High Speed Equipment | 21 March, 2002

Spare parts...Does the machine come with a Standard package of spares.......

Have the feeders also been refurbished as well as the machine?

Has the machine been updated for the most current upgrades(Eproms, Software...) ?

What is the cost to purcahase addition warranty?

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Fuji Spares


Buying Used High Speed Equipment | 21 March, 2002

Does the machine come with manuals, training? - do you get a feeder setup jig with the sale, is there any spares to go with it, do you have any contacts for spares, what sort of maintenance is required - how often etc. did the previous owner do the maintenance themselves - or was it professionally maintained as to the book, how many hors has the machine done?

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Buying Used High Speed Equipment | 22 March, 2002

If considering CP-6 go for the model CP-642, an improvment. Most equipment have hour counters or placement counters and you'll want to get the "counts" See it running and do a qualification run before you make the purchase.

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Ioan Tempea


Buying Used High Speed Equipment | 22 March, 2002


don't forget that the first assessment you should make is whether a CP6 is what you really need. It's highly reliable, fast, but no so flexible. For a low volume, high mix, it might not be your best bet.

Other things to consider: - the expertise of your maintenance technicians, since Fuji, although does not break that easily, it's A LOT more complicated than a Contact or a Quad. You need people that could work with PLCs, servos, and complicate electronics. - you need a smart programmer, since the vision system is not very straightforward. No teaching capabilities on the machine, the programmer must know algebra and know how to offset. The vision codes are demanding too.

Good luck, Ioan

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Buying Used High Speed Equipment | 3 April, 2002

Hi, Just to ease your mind a little.

I have 15 years experiance on Fuji kit, and was the engineer in charge of over 30 CP6's.

They are very robust and the electrical / electronic side is pretty bomb proof. The main thing to look out for is wear in the X-Y table and turret. Shafts are about $1500 a peice depending where you get them from. They can be refurbed, the people to look after the machines need to be more mechanical orientated.

Some questions to ask are: - if the hour clock has over 8khours see if there has been any major refurbd done, there is a 10k service which Fuji reccomend but this can be needed after 4k hours if the machines haven't been maintained well. There are several types of CP6 - CP6, CP6E, CP642, CP643.

What type of programing will you use, MCS16, MCS30, F4G, Fujicam, all these need to be considered.

Best of luck, I have alot of fond memories of working with Fuji kit.


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