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Profiling board



Profiling board | 28 March, 2002

Hi All

Does anybody have done the profiling board life time experiment? What is the proper life time of FR4 profiling board? How can we know when the profile board or thermocouple should be change?How to use dummy board instead of using gold/real board? What is the proper material for using to be the dummy profiling board ? Are there another guideline/rules about this topic?

We are now profiling temperature profile every day. The profiling board seem to deteriorate very fast. It hard to verify that the deviation of temperature profile came from furnace itself or from deterioration of profile board.

So, we would like to ask all of you, if you have done the experiment about life time of profile board or there are some paper about this topic, Pls. help advise us.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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Profiling board | 28 March, 2002

I use a .059" copper clad sheet of FR4 that I bought from one of our board houses. It has not started to delaminate yet, and it has been through our ovens several hundred times. I am not sure what the life expectancy of a thermo-couple is. I am not 100% sure, but I would think that unless there is a break in the wire or the insulation breaks down it should be fine indefinately.

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