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Cable Potting


Cable Potting | 5 April, 2002

We have been using a silicone encapsulated, high flex, flat cable for a short time now and have not been succusfull in terminating it to connectors with shell housings designed for round cable. Our solution thus far has been to leave the housing off and build in a cable restraint. The problem is that the cables are under motion and some of them (especially the coax)are breaking where they are mated to the connector.

The company we buy the cable from is willing to assemble and pot the cable ends for us thus creating an insulated restraint. The problem......I have a feeling the price is going to be outragous.

The guy at this cable company said they use "Stycast 2651". Anyone ever use this stuff? Is it like a 2 part epoxy that will harden in 5 minutes? Where can i get it?

Also.....What can I use to mask the mold so it doesn't stick to it?

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Cable Potting | 5 April, 2002


Cable Potting | 5 April, 2002

Thanks, you got me started with a data sheet and a free sample.

Can anyone that uses this stuff give any advice? What exactly is a vacuum deairing tool and is it really necessary to use one if I'm only potting cables (analog and TTL, no high voltage)?

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