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Spray Fluxer Waste


Spray Fluxer Waste | 5 April, 2002

Spray fluxers: Where does the excess flux [that does not glomb on the board] go after being sprayed at the board? How do various spray fluxers [wave solder machines] route �used flux� differently?

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Spray Fluxer Waste | 5 April, 2002

Dave, Some spray fluxers are a lot more efficient than others - some will have such little waste that most of it is carried out by the exhaust. One of the benefits of spray fluxing should be that it creates very little excess flux, therefore no need to be collected and disposed of. Regards, Claudine

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Spray Fluxer Waste | 6 April, 2002


That is exactly what freaked me out. We run Impells and so are not excited about pushing the 'waste' out the 'stack'. I imagine we'd just cut the line and divert the stuff to a collection reservoir.

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Spray Fluxer Waste | 12 April, 2002


USI makes spray fluxers with stepper motor and servo motor controlled traverse heads that only spray on the board. Virtually no waste going up the stack.

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