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popcorning in wave soldering



popcorning in wave soldering | 12 September, 2000

Is there a risk of popcorning plastic components during wave soldering? (The PCB is first surface mounted, reflowed and washed. It is sometimes left in air environment for as long as 48 h before the throgh hole components are mounted and they are wave soldered.)

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Mikael Keranen


Re: popcorning in wave soldering | 19 September, 2000

As longs as the internal temperature in component dont reach 150Deg c, it should be fine

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Re: popcorning in wave soldering | 19 September, 2000

Mikeal�s approach is one of the more cautious ones. IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 clause 8.6 talks about 200�C body-temperature not to be exceeded and how it�s best measured. If you go for that method and you made sure that in your wavesoldering (that�s what I assume) this limit isn�t violated there shouldn�t be any danger. If not you better follow clause 8.4.

good luck Wolfgang

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