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MOQ'S (marerial over quote)



MOQ'S (marerial over quote) | 10 April, 2002

I have been ask to see if any one out there has experience with MOQ's (Material over quote) issues as and OEM. We are a high mix low volume company.

1) Has any one put plans in place on how to control it?

2) We purchase reels of 3k to 5k components but may never use them all. most distributors will not break down the reels.

3) Is there a market to resell the over quotes?

I know this may not be the forum to discuss this but for me this is a knowledgeable group to start with and may be able to point me in the right direction.

Feel free to call 603-778-2300

Thanks Charlie

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MOQ'S (marerial over quote) | 10 April, 2002

This is free material. The total cost of the reel, er whatever, was included in the completed production run. Obvious choices are: * Throw it in the dumpster * Return it in stock at zero inventory cost and save it 'til the next time you run that product.

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Johan Bergstrom


MOQ'S (marerial over quote) | 11 April, 2002

Don't throw away the tapes ! We use vast quantities of component tape while testing our P&Pmachines. And mind you, we are normally not particular on what values the components have. ( For some tests we don't even need components in the tape. Its just the wear and dust from the tape that is important for us to simulate. )

So, give me a note. If its sizes and shapes that we need to study, I can surely give you a better deal than the dumpster.

Johan Bergstrom MYDATA

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