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Rework Cost Models



Rework Cost Models | 11 April, 2002

I know the information is out there somewhere, but I need to find information on cost models that apply to reworking motherboards. I had this task dropped in my lap and I�m trying to turn this around quickly.

Some background: Products that are diagnosed as fails in the field are sent directly to a CM to inspect, test and if needed reworked. (typically ~50% are �no trouble found�, and I don't want to belabor the quality of our field service techs.) . The boards are then circulated back into the service pipeline, which at some point are sent out to customers. The process then may/may not be repeated. In some cases the boards complete this cycle more than we care to omit :-( Long story short, I don�t want to recreate a cost model that others may have developed and proven. Can anyone provide some insight ? Also, since we are trying to pull in the reins on the CM�s (in terms of quality & number of acceptable reworks), I am looking for recommendations on what others might see as guidelines to number of reworks, �rules of thumb� or other ideas relative to managing the quality and quantity of acceptable reworks. Thanks to any or all . . . .

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