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Tray size


Tray size | 12 April, 2002

Hi All;

Is there any web site or resource where to get the correct sizes of trays based on any industary standards? Our kit pull has many trays to choose from they don't always get the correct one. The part then comes to the floor and the Fuji pgm must be changed.

Thanks Carl B.

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Tray size | 12 April, 2002

JEDEC is the std. Go to

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Tray size | 12 April, 2002

Consider: * Finding JEDEC [ ] publication that includes matrix trays is: �JEDEC Publication No.95 Registered and Standard Outlines for Solid State and Related Products�. * Contacting tray manufacturers [ie, Peak, Summit, Nepenthe, Sumitomo, etc]. * Calling semiconductor industry back-end assembly & test houses [ie, Amkor, ASE, OSE, ASAT, ChipPac, etc]. * Checking-out dummy component suppliers [ie, Practical, Topline, Soldering Technology, etc]

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