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Help SMTnet with new feature

Brian Doyle


Help SMTnet with new feature | 22 April, 2002

Hello Everyone!

I'm sure everybody is curious about what we're up to every day. Well in an effort to improve the site for all of our users we're currently working on a pretty big feature. This feature comes as an answer to the countless emails we receive regarding users looking for certain companies or other users to perform a service.

What do we need help with?

What we're looking for are some people to help us with a list of products and services. We're looking for resources and a group of people to help us edit it. You don't have to make the list, just sort of provide input to us so that we can make sure we have a pretty extensive categorization scheme.

If you're interested in helping just fire off an email to

Essentially it will be a very smart directory.

What do I mean by "smart?"

Well with most traditional directories you go out to find something when you need it. But what if something new comes out that you don't know you need?

That's where this would help. We're going to be building a vast directory of products and services. Companies and individual users will be able to go in and categorize themselves by:

  • What you buy (for your company)
  • What you sell
  • What service you perform

After that you will be "found" if someone was browsing the directory. If you're searching for a company that performs a service or makes a product, you can use the directory like a normal drill down directory.

However, if you mark yourself as an individual who buys something or uses something, those things can come out and find you.

Privacy: This is the #1 concern that most people have and we share it. Any time that you are "found" the searcher will not be provided with any personal information about you. Instead they may be just presented with a profile of you or maybe just a number. It would be up to you to decide whether you wanted to be notified or not.

Even when a company notifies you they won't know who you are unless you respond to them. All communications pass through SMTnet.

You will have total control on what information you receive (or don't receive).

For companies this is a doorway to many more business opportunities. For end users it will mean time saved because the information you want will be delivered to you.

This is a pretty large undertaking and not all of the features are final so I can't really go into specifics yet.

Why am I posting this? Well of course we want to keep you informed of what's going on. Also though we could use a bit of help creating this large categorization scheme.

This will be a pretty cool feature and should positively affect everyone who uses the site.

Wow, I just wrote a book. Ok again just email us if you'd like to help, or of course if you have any questions.

Thanks for all your support!

Brian Doyle

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