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Question about Universial GDM


Question about Universial GDM | 23 April, 2002

Hi there. I Have a question that hopfully someone on here can answer for me. On a Universial GDM, is there anyway to get all 4 pumps (pistion style) to purge at the same time. The software only allows for one pump at a time. The reason i am trying to do this, is that it take aprox 25-30 min every morning for the operators at my company to purge out the OMG that is put in the pumps at night. If i could get all 4 pumps to purge at once, that time would drop to around 4-5 min, which is a huge improvment. Any help would be wonderful thanks.

Jeremy Thomas Manufacturing Engineering Technician Rockwell Automation Dublin, GA

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Question about Universial GDM | 24 April, 2002

I do not think there is a way to do all four at once, but I could be wrong.

Questions: Are you using all four heads? Could you optimize nozzle config. to eliminate one or more heads?

If all else fails, I guess have the operator come in 30 minutes early to purge machine. It is a lot cheaper to pay him to come in early than to lose 1.5 hours of production each week (in a 5-day-week).

Sorry I was not more help

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Question about Universial GDM | 24 April, 2002

If nobody else can help you and you are not afraid to add a bit of hardware, I would like to give it a try. If pistons are air activated there should be a solenoid for each piston. Locate the I/O signals, wire in a double through switch and apply 24 V to the solenoid. If pistons are motor activated and each piston has its own motor and motor driver board, there is most likely a single trigger signal required to get the motor going. If you find this signal out of the schematic and you know the required voltage you can de-couple the signal with diodes and apply the voltage via a switch. If you could e-mail the schematic, I could possibly sketch in a switch, or four switches if you like.

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