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PCB's using Kevlar substrate



PCB's using Kevlar substrate | 6 May, 2002

Our company specializes in quick turn Printed Circuit Boards; prototype and short run quantities. A customer has inquired about using Kevlar as the substrate. Can anyone give us the name of a supplier of Kevlar? Is the production process compatible with the FR4 material we most frequently process?

Thanks, David

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PCB's using Kevlar substrate | 9 May, 2002

In describing a bare board, you need to talk about base, laminate, and conductive materials. Common laminate materials are: * Glass fabric * Cotton fabric * Paper

Common NEMA grades of technical laminates are: * Glass Fabric Grades: G3, G7, G10, G11, FR4, FR5 * Cotton Fabric Grades: L, C, CE, LE * Paper Grades: X, XP, XXP, XXXP(C)/FR2, FR3

Kevlar is another type of dielectric material. Designers use it in high frequency applications when they might use PTFE. It is a registered trademark of Dupont. Various fabricators build board with Kevlar laminates. Consider obtaining some bare laminate from Dupont and running it through your process without neglecting hand soldering.

Here�s a brief overview of the multiplayer fabrication process

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