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Data-PAQ's Rapid Oven Set-Up (ROS)



Data-PAQ's Rapid Oven Set-Up (ROS) | 21 May, 2002

I'd like to hear from anyone regarding the use of Data-PAQ's new Rapid Oven Set-Up software. This looks ideal for our low volume, high mix environment. Anyone having any comments good or bad would certainly be appreciated.



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Data-PAQ's Rapid Oven Set-Up (ROS) | 22 May, 2002


The new ystem is probably the best one I've seen for useability, the who thing can be driven by wizards to guide people through what they need to do. The system has the ability to set alarm's that will basically analyse your result's for you and show where it's outside a rule set, if it meet's it you get a green light on the screen and if not you get a red light... nice n simple that (assumming you not colour blind!) It also has the ability to take CAD data (IDF files which you can get from most decent CAD systems)and simulate a profile that from experience I can say is serioursly close, think the most I've had in difference between a simulated profile and an actual measured one is about 5 deg's. In term's of suitability for the mix your in I'd think probably yes because of the way it's set up to let you do a lot of simulation work which should give flexibility in manufacturing. The reports are very clear, there is a single tab that summaries all the basic reflow stuff that you need, peak, time above reflow, delta T , slopes etc, very good. There are very few downsides from the system that I've found but those are already scheduled to be plugged in the July updates so responce for the company is very good. Have you spoke to the guy's at Datapaq? they're normally very helpfull and keen to please. All in all I'd give it a 4.5 out a 5 but then that's just my opinion. Have you seen it yet or just looked at the web site?


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