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8mm Cover Tape Breakage


8mm Cover Tape Breakage | 27 May, 2002

We are experiencing an increased amount of machine stoppage due to brittle 8mm cover tape. The issue does not appear to be feeder or part/manufacturer specific. Taking a foot of cover tape and pulling it from the ends results the cover tape snapping clean. It does not stretch only breaks clean.

Anyone having similar issues?

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8mm Cover Tape Breakage | 27 May, 2002

Hi Yes we run into this fairly often, but rarely with 8mm, mostly 12 and 16mm and the tape usually splits rather than completely breaking.I would also be interested in hearing about others problems and if there is a specification dealing with this sort of problem. (similar to cover tape peel force specs)

thank You

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8mm Cover Tape Breakage | 28 May, 2002

I've had problems with this in the past, pretty sure it was due to age. Had a couple of old reels of dummy parts that would not allow for any type of stretching of the cover tape. I have also seen where the cover tape appears to shrink and it pulls away exposing a couple of inches of parts which fall out as the feeder is advanced.

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