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Cleaning solvent for no-clean board.



Cleaning solvent for no-clean board. | 28 May, 2002


Could anybody help to let me know the effect of AXAREL 36 (Petroferm Inc.) on electronic device for cleaning PCBA application.

I am process engineer and currently using Prozone solvent and Axarel 32 to be cleaning solder for smear board cleaning and for defluxing No-clean paste (flux residual after activted).

I am going to evaluate Axarel 36, so would like to know the effect of Axarel 36 to generall electronic device such as IC, film chip component, BGA, ....

Any experience, recommend or guideline from you would be appreciated.

Thanks Por

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Cleaning solvent for no-clean board. | 4 June, 2002

Por, Why do you clean no-clean flux residue?I didn't use the product you mentioned but I got some help from the folks at Cookson group last year when I did wirebonding after no-clean smt processing.check their website.Check your profile as well.unless your boards go into clean room for further processing what is the point of no clean processs if you still have to get rid of the flux residue? Regards. Rob

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Cleaning solvent for no-clean board. | 4 June, 2002

Cleaning NC flux res seems like a good idea. Try: * Kyzen Aquanox SSA * Alpha 2110

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Cleaning solvent for no-clean board. | 5 June, 2002

I agree with Rob. Why use NC if the board is going to be cleaned anyway? Water soluable is much easier to get off if the board needs to be cleaned.

Why else would they call it "no-clean"?


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Cleaning solvent for no-clean board. | 5 June, 2002


As a reason for cleaning no-clean flux res: Well, maybe some of Por's products / customers can live with NC flux res, while others cannot accept it. So, rather than running two fluxes Por finds it simpler to clean the NC flux res.

For us, running lines with two different fluxes made sense when we did a small amount of business in product with NC flux res. now, we see more NC flux res in our future. So, we are considering getting rid of the water washable flux line and cleaning our NC flux res when required.

As for a reason they call it no-clean, same reason they call things: JUMBO shrimp, acting naturally, non-working mother, sanitary landfill, military intelligence, and my personal favorite, Amtrak schedule.

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Cleaning solvent for no-clean board. | 6 June, 2002

Hi mates,

just my 2cents worth...

some folks (like us) have product runs that have BGA using no-clean, coupled that with Class3 IPC-A-610 specs, topped with aerospace/military customer defined specs. we end up cleaning NC with a degreaser machine with Genesolv 2004 cleaning solutions(its of honeywell origins).

like dave F. said, more of us folks going into cleaning of NC flux so as to standardize product flow. btw, NC flux pastes typically permit higher reflow temperatures/time in comparison to WS.

its time to change our traditional view of NC gentlemen, else sooner or later our customers are going to mfg houses who are willing to clean NC. good luck.

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Ron Costa


Cleaning solvent for no-clean board. | 7 June, 2002

Petroferm BioAct 105 works well for Indiums SMQ-92J

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Cleaning solvent for no-clean board. | 10 June, 2002

Petroferm Hydrex DX and Zestron Vigon A200 works well to clean Alpha UP78 paste.

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