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Wave soldering



Wave soldering | 28 May, 2002

I am wave soldering, do I have to change the hole size for solder pre-forms or press-fit?

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Wave soldering | 28 May, 2002

Hello Mark,

I'll assume that you are currently wave soldering and would like to eliminate that operation by using pre-forms or press-fit connectors. Solder preforms or solder flux bearing connector leads usually do not require any hole size changes, provided your current hole sizes are within normal industry ranges. However, the hole size will determine the amount of solder fill that you will get. If you are applying the preforms yourself, then you will have to do a solder volume calculation to ensure that you will get the correct amount of solder fill. If you are buying the connectors and the solder preforms are supplied by the manufacturer, or you are buying a connector with solder flux bearing leads then you should verify, with the connector manufacturer that you are have the correct hole size for your solder fill requirements.

Press fit connector manufacturers have detailed hole requirements for their connectors, usually this entails not only finished hole size requirments but also drilled hole and plating specs. All of these hole requirements are very important for press fit connectors, whereas with soldered leads, one is mainly concerned with the finished hole size.

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