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min kV requirement



min kV requirement | 31 May, 2002

does anybody have any info on what the minimum kV power should be on an X-Ray machine to handle general BGA inspection? I have heard that you need a minimum of 100 kV for the Metal top packages but have also heard of people using 50-60 kV but I don't know what they are using it for.

P.S. I searched the archives and I am aware of "BIGDADDY" Xray Sales


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min kV requirement | 31 May, 2002

If you know about 'BIG DADDY', you know what I know.

A nearby thread [ ] addressed your question more directly, but certainly didn't drill-down too much detail.

One of the curious things about the OnBoard Forums is: the host of the forum can never leave, even though the forum has long been complete. Why not post your question on that forum and see what Gil has to say?

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min kV requirement | 3 June, 2002

A 50KV machine will allow you to see solder bridges and balls under the BGA. It will also allow you to check placement and can "see" through the metal housing. If you want to inspect for voids, then you what to look at equipment in the 100KV range.

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